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Zimmark has been providing an integrated approach to optimized fluid usage and disposal for over 30 years. Using proven methodologies,we are able to systematically and deliberately reduce your fluid usage and waste generation rates.

Zimmark Inc. is a technical service organization providing on-site services that manage the condition and use of Industrial Fluids. Our Fluid Performance Management (FpM) solutions ensure that a manufacturing facility is able to get fully optimized performance at the lowest cost possible. Our services offer the production, quality, and reduced maintenance costs associated with optimized fluid condition, while dramatically reducing the volumes of fluids purchased and liquid waste generated.

Our FpM Solutions manage and maintain fluid condition throughout the entire life cycle of each gallon or liter of fluid, from procurement, through use and ultimately disposal. We minimize the entire Life Cycle Costs associated with industrial fluid use by managing all the parameters that effect performance, consumption and waste generation.

Since we do not manufacture or sell any product, we are able to determine which product will deliver the Lowest Total Life Cycle Cost, taking into consideration the entire process from Procurement, through usage, recycling and ultimately disposal. Product Independence combined with a focus on reducing consumption and waste generation costs means Zimmark can deliver the Lowest Total Cost to our clients. We become a trusted technical resource, where our expertise as related to fluid consumption works with your core expertise to design and operate a fluid management system that provides optimal results.