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When you need more than just Price Per Gallon to determine if a coolant change will in fact save you any money, the ICE runs competitive products Head-to-Head using your site conditions to determine the relative annual cost. Predicting relative consumption rates and performance challenges can give you the insights you need before you move to an expensive field trial.

Some coolants perform great out of the drum,

but have no legs (ie their sump life is short, they succumb to biological challenges quickly and have to be changed out frequently driving costs up). Other products may perform well, but their rate of carry-out on parts and chips is significantly higher than the incumbent and will double the rate of consumption, doubling your coolant costs. Another product is not compatible with the recycling system and fluid decontamination equipment currently on-site. All critical factors to understand before you go through the time and expense associated with a field trial, where so much process variability makes head to head challenges very difficult.

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Looking to Make a Product Change?

If you are considering bringing in a new product to your facility, its difficult to know ahead of time whether or not the product will really save you money. The per gallon cost may be less, or you’ve been assured by your local rep that this product lasts twice as long and will double your tool life. Separating the marketing from the reality can be a challenge, especially in a plant environment where resources are limited. Our ICE process was designed with these challenges in mind. Completely unbiased and blind, we simulate your plant operating conditions and run up to 6 competitive products head to head through a series of coolant performance trials. By stressing the fluids using your site conditions, we are able to predict relative performance and highlight any potential management challenges each of the products may have in your facility. By determining actual recommended operating concentrations, sump life, carry-out rates etc. we plug the unit costs for each product into our usage simulation model to determine annual costs. If a full plant change-out is required, or if the product is compatible with the incumbent product that’s built into the ROI tool used to determine whether or not the expected benefit is worth the “risk of change” associated with any coolant conversion plan.

The Outputs

Our Coolant Simulation model, uses the factors that drive consumption to predict what each coolant will cost relative to the incumbent product. Sump life, carry-out, recyclability, tramp oil management, hardness of water etc all play an important factor in determining how much product the facility will consume. These combination of factors that drive consumption can vary dramatically from product to product making this evaluation an important step in determining whether or not a coolant change is warranted.

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Next Steps

Productivity improvement through Innovation comes from understanding the KPI’s that drive cost. Relative rate of consumption is a critical factor to understand if driving cost down in a sustainable manner in your facility is the goal. The ICE process is an excellent way to sort through the marketing and see whether “the greatest coolant ever!”, can in fact deliver.

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