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We do not know, what we do not know….

Well…..what DO we know? We know that if you are looking to consistently produce a high quality part while minimizing your production costs, any variable that negatively impacts that objective needs to be managed or controlled within acceptable limits. The … Read More

Einstein’s Definition of Insanity: “Preventative Maintenance”….well sort of….

Einstein’s quote “The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result” can describe many Preventative Maintenance programs today. Every company is under tremendous pressure to reduce costs. They are looking for a different … Read More

Why is not having a Fluid Performance Management System stunting your productivity and eroding your bottom line?

In 8 out of the 10 parts manufacturers we audit, managed and maintained fluid condition is one of the most overlooked aspects of their manufacturing process. Not paying attention to this aspect of the business, or letting time and/or dogma … Read More

The Lowest Price does not always deliver the lowest cost

Problem: In this cast Iron Machining facility, in order to control rust and deliver the tool life the facility was looking for, their coolant had to be maintained at a minimum concentration of 10%. Though the price per gallon was … Read More

Our Greatest Resource….Time

I think we can all agree that if we only had more time…..we could get so much more done. We could accomplish all the projects we want and focus on all the different areas where we want to have impact. … Read More

Rust Season? “Just Raise the Concentration”

I was visiting a plant last week and heard a familiar tale. We had just completed a Process Variability Audit, (PVA, where we measure the Key Fluid Performance Indicators that drive fluid cost and performance), and we were reporting our … Read More

#1 Manufacturing Practice that drives up Cost and Erodes Profitability

Many manufacturing facilities make this mistake. In fact, this practice is the first thing that comes to mind the moment an OEE (productivity, availability, quality) or Health and Safety event occurs on the floor. But the reality is that this … Read More

Zimmark announces official Launch of, our website committed to the reduction of waste in the manufacturing sector

ZROW – Zimmark’s commitment to the ongoing Reduction of Waste, is a site focused on reducing all the forms of waste that exist in a manufacturing environment. ZROW is made up of three components in its efforts to minimize the … Read More

Rust Trouble Shooting Guide Made Available to Parts Manufacturers

The appearance of rust in a parts manufacturing environment can cost a company thousands of dollars, hundreds of man-hours and severely hurt their relationship with their customer. Between containment events disguised as short term corrective actions (that in most cases … Read More

Zimmark Launches new Website focused on improving plant reliability, managing risk and optimizing fluid and waste costs

Zimmark Launches new website designed to bring awareness to the connection between managed and maintained fluid condition and how it can impact overall plant reliability. How industrial fluids are managed and maintained has a direct and measurable impact on a … Read More