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Zimmark 24/7 Remote alarming system saves plant thousands of dollars by avoiding clean-up and disposal costs

Production floor space needs to be left for production. The objective is to maximise every square foot for revenue producing activities. As a result, fluid storage and liquid waste tends to be placed out of site, off the floor, in … Read More

OEEf metric introduced to minimize industrial fluid impact on a plants Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Overall Equipment Effectiveness as impacted by maintained fluid condition and fluid choice, is a reliability metric that focuses on how well the fluids are being managed within their defined control plans. If fluids can be maintained day after day within … Read More

Reducing process variability reduced this plants fluid consumption by over 40%

Process variability is one of the primary forms of waste in any production environment. By eliminating day to day variability, its possible to achieve consistant and repeatable performance. In a fluid management context, this variability has to due with fluid … Read More