Zimmark 24/7 Remote alarming system saves plant thousands of dollars by avoiding clean-up and disposal costs

Production floor space needs to be left for production. The objective is to maximise every square foot for revenue producing activities. As a result, fluid storage and liquid waste tends to be placed out of site, off the floor, in non production areas, where few personnel go on a regular basis. The risk? Out of site means that in many plants, a spill or overflow condition can be left unnoticed for significnat periods until fluid is released to a more “visible” area.

The environmental risk associated with storing product and waste on-site is substantial. A cost effective and robust means to manage this risk is essential. Zimmark’s 24/7 remote alarming service has saved many plants thousands of dollars in waste, clean-up and product costs each year. Remote monitoring of high risk locations, with regular system checks is the insurance plants need to avoid these costly events.

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