Reducing process variability reduced this plants fluid consumption by over 40%

Process variability is one of the primary forms of waste in any production environment. By eliminating day to day variability, its possible to achieve consistant and repeatable performance. In a fluid management context, this variability has to due with fluid concentration and fluid contamination. Both are so dynamic and impacted by many factors in the manufacturing process. Robust controls are critical if consistant performance is expected. Eliminate variability, eliminate excessive usage.

At this facility, fluids were allowed to wander across a very broad range. They were dumped on a PM frequency, however between dumps, they were left relatively unchecked. The fluid supplier was providing occasional analysis for “free”, and offered feedback to the site in terms of trends and charts. If limits were reached, a call was made. The opportunity however was through better management (the right tests, at the right frequency, resulting in timely corrective actions), to reduce consumption by 40%. Letting frequent testing drive corrective actions instead of time and past practice, product consumption dropped by over 40%, and the systems started providing consistantly over time, positivily impacting downstream processes as well.

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