Don’t Let Rust Be A Season /

Know the risks and take preventative measures NOW to ensure that rust is not shutting down production, costing your facility thousands of dollars and damaging your reputation.

Rust and corrosion costs the manufacturing industry millions of dollars each year. It impacts a plants overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), stealing precious resources as the facility reacts and responds to the formation of rust on their parts or their equipment. High humidity, high temperature months make controlling rust especially challenging. Today’s business reality is that rust has to be controlled, while at the same time, the ongoing costs that go into temporary rust preventative measures need to be minimized. .

A manufacturing process is dynamic, there are many changing factors that can stress the corrosion prevention process:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Time (cycle time, time the parts sits between process steps, etc.)
  • Presence of Salts: Chlorides, Sulphates
  • Parts cleanliness
  • Consistency in the application of Rust Prevention methods
  • Sufficient protection for changing environmental conditions
  • Contact of different metals
  • Poorly performing Rust Preventatives
  • Variability in RP fluid condition
  • etc.

Zimmark’s Risk of Rust audit focuses on identifying the unique set of conditions in each manufacturing process that need to be managed and maintained to provide sufficient protection without “over-protecting”. The audit follows a part through your entire manufacturing process. It looks at how your parts arrive on-site, how they get machined, washed and treated with rust preventative, it looks at how the parts are stored between stages and ultimately packed for shipment.

Every phase of your manufacturing process exposes your parts to the risk of rust. As the plant environment and other conditions change, so does the level of protection required to safeguard your production. Let the Risk of Rust audit map out your process and identify your risks. Employing sustainable control plans and reacting in a timely manner to changing conditions is the key to avoiding rust without over spending.

Fill out our Level 1 Troubleshooting Guide or call our rust hotline at: 888-632-5410 ext 200.