Risk of Corrosion Fluid Audit Kit /

Is fluid choice and fluid condition increasing the risk of rust?

For Machining facilities experiencing in-process rust, or not consistently achieving the level of corrosion protection required once your parts leave the facility, we can help. Whether rust is seasonal or if you’re having trouble tying this event to a specific set of conditions, we can help. We do not sell product, we look to optimize your existing process, eliminate the day to day variability that allows for these events to occur while adjusting the process in a controlled manner to provide the level of protection required during changing conditions. If you are looking for an independent evaluation to determine if your fluid choice and fluid condition may be allowing for the opportunity for rust and corrosion when plant conditions change, the Fluid Corrosion audit provides the insights you need to identify the root cause and point to a sustainable solution to avoid future incidence of rust.

Fill out the on-line Level 1 Troubleshooting guide, or call our office today, to quickly determine whether the problems you are having can be identified through a Risk of Corrosion Fluid Audit. The guide gives us a much better understanding of your process, the challenges associated with it and whether this audit will deliver value. The audit kit is specific to you and your process and provides instructions on what samples to collect for analysis. Once you receive the kit, follow the instructions included and ship the kit back to Zimmark’s lab. We will evaluate the various samples in order to compile a set of observations and suggested next steps.

The cost for the Kit will vary slightly based on the number of samples collected and analyzed however most kits cost $995 plus shipping and handling to/from Zimmark.

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Email: rustinvestigations@zimmark.com