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I have a problem now, drop everything and help me!

If you’re tired of the cost and frustration associated with rust and corrosion on your manufactured parts, take immediate action. Call now to arrange to have a Zimmark Rust/Corrosion specialist on-site ASAP. The best opportunity to identify and then implement and long-term and sustainable rust/corrosion prevention strategy, is to have our team on-site evaluating the various aspects that impact your process’s ability to deliver protection.

Identifying whether the root cause to your problems is from the machining process, the washing process or the interaction of the two, Zimmark has the necessary expertize to audit the key elements required to deliver consistent in-process rust protection. Fluid condition over time as well as the fluids themselves can have a tremendous impact on the degree of protection the process can deliver to a part. Our audits focus on fluid condition and how they are introduced to the part to determine where changes need to be made or tighter controls implemented. Often it’s not about changing what you do, it’s about reducing the day to day variability, or proactively responding to changing conditions (summer vs. winter) that needs to be integrated into your process. Our product independence and extensive experience at addressing the root causes of in-process rust, helps us identify and then implement the adjustments necessary to deliver sustainable corrosion prevention. If your current process is unable to deliver repeatable protection, we will identify that too, in order to determine what changes (product or process) that need to be implemented to address these risks.

The on-site audit puts Zimmark Specialists on the floor of your facility following our causal process to determine where the issues are. Immediate corrective actions are identified and working with your team, implemented to address an acute rust issue.

Sustainable long term corrosion protection:

While on-site samples are collected by Zimmark personnel and returned to our lab for analysis. Based on the site observations and fluid analysis, we will review our recommendations with your team to implement the appropriate recommended process changes and associated controls to ensure that risk of rust is minimised moving forward.


Zimmark Rust/Corrosion Specialist: $125/hour plus travel to/from site and expenses
Zimmark Audit Kit: $995.00* plus shipping and handling

Note: the cost for the Kit will vary slightly based on the number of samples
collected and analyzed price shown is typical for most facilities.

Call: 888-632-5410 ext. 200