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Are you sorting for RUST on your parts?

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If the appearance of rust and corrosion is the reason you are searching for a Part Sorting company, then let us assist you in your efforts to eliminate this cost and burden. The need for a Part Sorting company can lead to fines, cost your company thousands of dollars in direct expense and results in hundreds of hours of precious resources reacting to problem instead of preventing it.

Don’t squander this time and expense. Use this as an opportunity to identify where your process is out of control. Find out where variability is causing your parts to fail their quality checks.

You’ve gone through step 0 in the 8D problem solving process. Part Sorting was the necessary step in your efforts to “Contain the problem” with an “Emergency Response Plan”. But finding a Part Sorting company is only the 1st step if you are committed to doing the work necessary to eliminate the need to have to call another part sorting company again in the future.

We follow a strict 8D problem solving process and can use our specialized expertise to help identify the true root cause to the problem, or help to facilitate the process to assist in coordinating the efforts necessary to determine the root cause and implement corrective and sustainable preventative action.

If Industrial Fluids are part of your manufacturing process and you suspect that the choice of product or how its managed and maintained day-to-day may be a contributor to your having to call a part sorting company, then we would strongly encourage you to consider the specialized tools and services we offer to identify real root cause.

Our 8D team is trained in this problem solving methodology and our years of experience has allowed us to develop the specialized tools and methods to determine the variables that led to this part sorting event.

We are offering a free 1/2 hour technical consultation to any part manufacturing company that is truly committed to resolving the need to call a part sorting company forever. In this half hour, we start the Problem Definition phase (step 2) of the 8D process to determine whether or not our knowledge and expertise would be applicable to the team you are putting together to resolve this issue. Our focus during the call is to come up with a Process Map, that lays out the unit operations associated manufacturing of the effected parts. Based on that map, we can begin to get an understanding of the investigative process required to find the root cause. There is no obligation associated with this call, however it does offer you an excellent starting point to leading an investigation, since as in the words of Albert Einstein: “If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” We are only asking for 30!

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