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Are Current Fluid Maintenance Practices Keeping Your Plant From World Class?

In the absence of good data, most plants are forced to use age old practices to manage this aspect of their process. Doing things the way they have always been done is the recipe for disaster in this rapidly changing world where eliminating waste and wasteful activity is more essential than ever before. To make matters worse and more urgent, there’s no reason for it. Technology and the focused application of it has made it easier than ever before to collect, interpret and make the timely corrective actions necessary to identify and eliminate waste and wasteful activity. Data, analytics and tightly managed compliance translates into significant direct savings and process improvement. OEE goes up and plants are able to take deliberate steps towards optimization and waste minimization. World Class is no longer a goal, its a way of life and critical if a plant wants to stay competitive and relevant in today’s highly global market. Find out if your plant’s current fluid maintenance practices are world class, or if they are keeping you from reaching the next level of profitability and process optimization.

World Class Performance Audit

How fluids are managed and maintained within a manufacturing environment can have a dramatic impact on a plants’ OEE and profitability. Unless you are using timely and accurate KPI data to drive your daily corrective actions, a facility is either wasting fluid, putting their people or process at risk of a fluid related event and/or negatively impacting their productivity. Optimizing the fluid use process is tough, to do it efficiently and effectively specialized tools and expertise is required. Where some plants have the required expertise in house, they may not have the tools in place to stay in an optimized state. Other plants may not have the expertise or the tools necessary to identify waste and wasteful activity to keep their fluid use process optimized.

The World Class Performance Audit, compares current plant practice to a set of best practices to quantify the savings potential. Through sampling and analysis of the current state, a future state model is created that identifies savings potential and process improvement opportunities. For companies that qualify there is no cost to the World class performance audit, however we do require some information in order to begin the process. For more information on Zimmark World Class Performance Audit, please click in the link below.

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