Zimmark announces official Launch of ZROW.biz, our website committed to the reduction of waste in the manufacturing sector

ZROWZimmark’s commitment to the ongoing Reduction of Waste, is a site focused on reducing all the forms of waste that exist in a manufacturing environment.

ZROW is made up of three components in its efforts to minimize the cost of waste for the manufacturing sector.

1-Reducing the Volume of waste generated by the facility. Zimmark’s methods and techniques focuses on waste reduction through tighter control and better resource management (on-site recycling, contamination management etc.)

2-Lower prices by tightly managing a group of strategic alliance partners. Knowing where to go and negotiating the best prices through cooperative means lets us get the lowest price for our clients.

3-Management – through focused management, we are able to avoid the reactive events that often drive waste costs up. Through preventative measures, real time monitoring, integrated production planning etc. we take the surprises out of waste management which translates into fewer dollars being spent.

Visit ZROW.biz today and make arrangement for your WOW (War on Waste) Audit today!

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